Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

she / her / hers

I am a white-bodied, cis, queer, neurodivergent mama of two who is diligently working to deconstruct the outside messages and return to myself, more with each day. My neurodiverse little family has been intimately affected by addiction and we are now walking the path of healing in sobriety. I am a home baker who thinks all things are better when homemade goodies are included (hey, I learned it from my Granny!). Over the past few years, my family has been kitten and doggie fosters with a local rescue organization and it's just the best! Learning (or re-learning) and experiencing new things makes me feel alive - that might be learning a new swim stroke, how to crochet a blanket, or my family's native Ukrainian language. It can be a reminder not to take myself too seriously, because I am certainly no expert!

I recently engaged in a 9-month journey of communal practice in Somatic Abolishionism through Education for Racial Equity. I am committed to continuing my own work in embodied anti-racism and humbly take on what comes up for me in this process.

Starting my professional career with the joy of working in short-term housing for caregivers and their children, I had hoped there was more that could be offered to support these brave individuals. With this as a catalyst, I pursued training to become a therapist. I hope to partner with others to acknowledge, reclaim, and use their power for all things good - whether that be in their own growth and healing, through dismantling oppressive systems, or raise up another's needs and longings.

I am a trained play therapist with a passion for child advocacy, gentle parenting, and grace for those re-parenting their own inner little children. While much of my work over the past 15+ years has been with children and families, in the recent years, this has shifted some. I look forward to continuing to support individuals as they return to themselves, parents as they honor their own healing in order to provide fiercely loving care for the children in their care, and hold space with those working to unravel all the messages as they move toward greater freedom and liberation. As a dedicated amplifier for those who are fighting to be heard, I am here to hold space with you for your healing as you grow in your trust of self.

Please reach out for a free 15 minute phone consultation to determine how I may be able to support you.

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Neurodivergent affirming

Welcoming - of all bodies, all love, all genders

Deconstructing and Deconverting processes are embraced

Holding space with you.