You long to feel understood. You long to feel heard. You long to feel seen. You long to feel safe. My hope is that this longing may be glimpsed through our therapeutic relationship in our work together. I will meet you with empathy, nurturing, challenge, a casual welcome, and light-hearted humor. You are looking to put in the work because you know that you deserve to feel better, more like yourself. I am ready to meet you there.


Regardless of how we feel about our families, they influence us. Family relationships can be enriching, painful, or maybe a mixed of both. I believe that our early experiences color the way in which we view the world, unless we take the time to consider those experiences more deeply. There is hope for healing and grace for yourself and within your family.

When seeking family therapy, often parent/caregiver support would be beneficial. Parents set the tone in the home. As one of my favorite parenting gurus L. R. Knost has said, "When little people are overwhelmed by big emotions, it's our job to share our calm, not join their chaos." And this applies to all ages!

Parenting is hard. There is no way around that. I have been humbled by the parts of me that have shown since beginning my role as a parent. Reality is, what comes up for us in our relationships with others, is a strongly reflective mirror into our own experiences. All of this has allowed me more grace and determination in my own parenting and process of healing.

I am a strong believer in brain-based, relationally-focused, gentle parenting. My passion for this work continues to grow because caring for our children is best done supported. I look forward to partnering with you to support you, your co-parent, and the child(ren) in your care.


The founder, Dr. David Grand, discovered Brainspotting out of his work in EMDR. He says, Brainspotting allows us to harness the brain's natural ability for self-scanning, so we can activate, locate, and process the sources of trauma and distress in the body.

Where you look affects how you feel, is a foundational thought in Brainspotting. You might notice this about yourself in everyday experiences. You begin talking about something distressing or disappointing and you may look at one specific point. You may look another way when addressing a situation that brings you joy. Your eyes are connected directly to your brain, always scanning and calibrating. This process truly trusts in the innate healing capacties of one's body. You have all you need to heal.

It is a collaborative process, without hierarchy. You are the expert on your body, your experiences. I am honored to hold the space with you, to trust with and for you, and to witness your healing.

Intuitive Eating

Learn to trust your body. Reject diet culture and shift towards body liberation. Heal your relationship with food. Intuitive Eating has 10 principles as a foundation; it is more important to honor you, your process, and your healing.

While my formal training has been in Intuitive Eating, I am committed to continuing my learning to include BIPOC fat and body liberation work as well as including the freeing work done at The Center for Body Trust.

There is so much profound work being done that can truly expand our grace towards ourselves and movement towards healing.


Join me online! Virtual therapy or also referred to as telehealth, is a long-distance, web-based option that we have come to know (and maybe love!).

There are many reasons why this may be an appealing option:

- Childcare may be a headache to obtain or organize.
- Scheduling is just challenging.
- Travel time is a detterant.
- Transportation is not easily available.
- It is simply a preferred option.

We'll meet via a HIPAA compliant video platform. You will be sent a unique private link prior to each meeting.
You decide what safe, (at least somewhat) quiet space works for you and I will virtually join you there. We will work to create and hold space that allows for healing.

Holding space with you.